India is a vibrant economy and the world’s 5th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. However, an acute shortage of competent drivers and unsafe roads are two of the major factors which have hit the Indian logistics industry hard. With driver errors accounting for around 78% of over 5 lac road accidents every year, the situation will only worsen if drivers are not trained properly.

Estimates suggest that the country requires 50.69 lac drivers by 2022. In such a scenario, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, driving its strength from its Vision, Passion, Excellence, Innovation, Determination, and Inspiration, is committed to address the issues related to the skill gap and competency of the automotive, transportation and logistics sector in India.

High proportion of school-dropouts (nearly 82%) and huge informal workforce need appropriate vocational training to convert into a talented pool of resources, which will lead India to be human resource capital of the world.

To deal with this situation, Eicher has initiated the following programs under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors:

  • Industry Institution Tie-up for Bridging the Skill Gap

    The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of Indian economy. It generates direct employment of 30 to 40 % (manpower for automobile & component manufacturing) and indirect employment of 60 to 70 % (manpower for enabling industries i.e. Vehicle dealers, Finance & insurance companies, Service stations, Private garages, Spares part distributors, Drivers & helpers). However, the quality of personnel coming out of the institutions does not match the current needs of the industry.

  • Driver Training Programs

    Human negligence is the major cause of road accidents in India. According to statistics, India accounts for around 10% of the world’s road accidents which result in roughly 3% loss in the country’s GDP.

    Eicher is committed to the cause of road safety and believes that safe driving requires the right attitude and skill of driving. The Eicher Driver Training course has been structured to hone the skills of drivers through Driver Training Programs since 1998.

  • Driver Welfare Programs

    Eicher has taken a unique initiative of Pro DESH (Driver Empowerment for Successful Hindustan), which aims at:

    • Increasing loyalty and skills of the driver through a training program
    • Increasing the financial and social status of a driver
    • Providing good en-route resting facilities to drivers

our projects

Eicher Schools

Eicher's commitment to the cause of education saw the birth of Eicher schools at different locations in the country.

Goodearth Education Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to initially focus on improving the quality of education in the government primary schools in rural areas.

Dr.Shroff's Charitable Eye Hospital

Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye hospital is a non-commercial, non-profit trust setup enabling people from all sections of the society...