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Driver Welfare Programs

Eicher has taken a unique initiative of Pro DESH (Driver Empowerment for Successful Hindustan), which aims at:

  • Increasing loyalty and skills of the driver through a training program
  • Increasing the financial and social status of a driver
  • Providing good en-route resting facilities to drivers
The Program runs in three phases:


Pro pilot is a program which aims at Mobilization, Training, Certification and Increasing Employability of a person, willing to pursue career in driving


  • Mobilization of fresh candidates through a unique PPP approach, designed by Eicher. It uses government apparatus and institute's village representative's marketing systems for spreading awareness of the training courses and its benefits.
  • Training curriculum designed as per the requirements of ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council).
  • Evaluation of the candidates organized through ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council) approved assessment partner.
  • ASDC certification of candidatesis based on result of external assessment
  • Organizing convocation/graduation ceremony for the candidates passing from Eicher's Institutes.
  • Organizing career day for the passed out candidates, inviting employers at the campus and organizing a recruitment drive.

Organizing career day for the passed out candidates, inviting employers at the campus and organizing a recruitment drive.

The program aims at providing en-route facilities to commercial drivers to ensure their comfort at all times.


  • Secured parking
  • Hygienic food at subsidized rates,
  • Resting place with neat and clean bathroom facility
  • Driver's lounge constructed on highways at specific intervals alongside petrol pumps


In order to motivate commercial drivers, Eicher facilitates the development and screening of successful driver stories in the driver’s villages as well as at the several driver training institutes. Besides, developing and screening documentaries on the testimonials of successful entrepreneurs who started their journeys as drivers or conductors plays a key role in motivating the interested youth to pursue driving profession.

Eicher has developed a movie "Ab mutthi me hai aasmaan" showcasing the hardships and challenges of an educated youth interested in driving profession and his journey from a driver to an entrepreneur. The movie has been developed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya and Marathi. Such movies help in keeping the drivers motivated, and are being utilized by the existing driver training institutes for their mobilization drives.

Integrated Vision and Hearing Centers (IVH Centre)

Along the Golden Quadrilateral, truck drivers in India have to travel long distances on an extensive stretch of National and State highways that range from well-engineered roads to a complete absence of concrete roads. Their occupation predisposes them to a multitude of risk factors such as prolonged sitting and motor vehicle driving, tight running schedules, reduced rest breaks, traffic congestion, etc. The sedentary nature of their job and resultant physical, psychological and behavioral problems can greatly hamper their health status and safe driving ability.

Hearing and Vision are two major faculties for safe driving which need to be addressed to enhance a driver’s ability of ensuring road safety. There are various reasons behind poor health status among the truck and heavy vehicle drivers India, including:

  • Lack of awareness about vision acuity and hearing ability
  • Inaccessibility to quality eye & ear care services due to economic barrier
  • Work style and habits

To ensure road safety and encourage safe driving practices, Eicher under its CSR initiatives decided to set up an Integrated Vision and Hearing (IVH) center at Transport Nagar, Delhi (as pilot) in collaboration with Shroff Charitable Eye Hospital (Delhi), which has been replicated along the Golden Quadrilaterals (transport hubs).

The IVH center provides:

  • Comprehensive Eye and Ear Examination
  • Basic recognition of diseases (both eye and ear).
  • Referral services to near service providers
  • Spectacles dispensing
  • BP & Sugar testing

IVH centers contribute to improved vision acuity and hearing ability among the drivers, cleaners and other stakeholders, thereby achieving better road safety and community welfare.